• Who We Are

So who are you guys anyway? Good question!

My¬†name is Luke, and I’m the founder of Faith Pixels.

familyI grew up in church. Yes…every time the doors were open ūüôā These days, my own family of 5 heads to church together each¬†week in the Atlanta, GA area. Many¬†Sundays you can find me leading worship.¬†I love church. I love the local church. I love the big “C”hurch.¬†I love seeing the magic that happens when a church harnesses design to the show how amazing the gospel is in all its true, vibrant¬†colors. This is a picture of my awesome family at the beach recently. My wife and I have 3 of the best kids in the whole entire world, including 1 year old twins that were, by all means, a surprise! Life is certainly crazy these days, but my wife is a super star, and I know I’ll look back some day and miss these days when Daddy can do no wrong and wrestling on the living room floor is how we spend our Friday nights.

I believe in the power of the Gospel. I¬†believe that God¬†doesn’t need us. But for some reason, He chose to use us to further His Kingdom anyway. It all started with a small group of 12 uneducated men over 2,000 years ago. My wife and I want our kids to grow up knowing the power of the gospel and what Jesus can do to change people’s lives when they put their faith and trust in Him and what He has done for them on the cross.

We’re so excited to go on this journey to help churches and faith-based ministries launch beautiful websites, mobile apps, and print materials that will draw attention to the church in the most amazing way. God has designed the local church as the catalyst for reaching out in a real, practical way to those who have yet to experience Jesus’ love. He also intends for the local church to be a place of refuge for the weary, hope for the hopeless, and a place of growth for every believer wanting to learn more about our amazing God.

We’d love for you and your church or ministry to go on this journey with us, and we know it’s important that a company that you partner with is more than just a company. That’s why we want Faith Pixels to be a face and a family, and not just another corporate business. Our team is sharp, talented, and professional, but we want you to see the heart behind the vision for this business. We view our awesome clients as people we love, trust, and just want to be around. We try our absolute best to take care of our members just in the way that we ourselves would love to be taken care of. We are praying every day that our team¬†will help bring thousands to know Christ by helping churches and ministries improve their websites, mobile apps, and print materials. We hope to meet you soon along the way!

Much love,

Luke and Family